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Property Management Mallorca

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Property Management Mallorca
Guest Services for your property on Mallorca
Cleaning Service for your property on Mallorca
Laundry Service for your property on Mallorca
Garden Service for your property on Mallorca
Pool Service for your property on Mallorca

House Services Mallorca offers crystal clear quality services in and around your house in Mallorca. We take care of your property as if its ours. For every different service we work with people who love their job. The Property Management, Guest Services and Cleaning is done by ourselves. For the Laundry Service, Pool Service and Garden Service we work together with qualified professional 'autonomos'. 

Property Management is no joke. A property needs to be taken care of, especially if the property has not been occupied for a longer period of time. It is good to ventilate the house at least once a week because of mold growth. Flushing all water pipes weekly is a must to prevent legionella formation. Checking for damage due to weather conditions or a burglary check is also not an unnecessary luxury. House Services Mallorca checks your property for at least an hour a week and lets you know how your property is doing after each check. If action needs to be taken, we will let you know and we will decide together what to do. We are crystal clear in what we do.

Many property owners regularly rent out their properties for short periods. A professional guest service is then obvious, but is often difficult to find. House Services Mallorca has a friendly professional guest service. We ensure that your guests have a pleasant, carefree stay in your apartment, finca or villa. Of course we also check your property before the guest arrive and leave.

For your wellness and comfort and for your guests we offer professional cleaning services and an excellent laundry service. We have years of experience in cleaning guest houses and hotels, so we provide a high standard. Our laundry service is performed by a professional and well-known laundromat in Binissalem. We collect your laundry and bring it back to your home.

We offer a general garden service for all gardens in Mallorca. House Services Mallorca knows that gardens in Mallorca require different care than gardens in the more northern parts of Europe. We provide the general garden service ourselves. For specialist tasks such as taking care of palm trees, House Services Mallorca works together with a team of specialists. We have the right people for every job.

Pool service is of great importance in Mallorca. The balance of the water can easily be disturbed by all kinds of influences, especially by the sun. Filters should be cleaned weekly and a backwash should take place. In addition, it must be measured whether the pool water is in balance. Appropriate measures should be taken if necessary. House Services Mallorca offers a professional pool service that checks and maintains your pool on a weekly basis. If necessary, we also repair or replace parts. If your swimming pool needs to be completely renovated, we also offer this service. We work together with an experienced professional company for pool service and pool technology.


S.Wallbach-Hilger, Costitxt


After the Corona lockdown we were urgently looking for new house and guest care. With "House Services Mallorca" we have now made a good move. The cleaning of the house and the care of the guests is very good.

A.Grint, Pollença


Thanks for everything you’re doing for us, we are very very pleased with your care of our home and the level of service and contact you provide, it’s really made a huge difference to us and brings us peace of mind. 

All the best

M.Vrieze, Alaró


Remco-Jan is a hard worker and passionate about what he does. He sees the work, thinks along, has the knowledge and the necessary professional equipment.

He does garden maintenance / construction for us and we are very satisfied with that.

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